What is groupage transport?

What is groupage transport?

Groupage transport is a key element of the logistics industry, allowing for the efficient transportation of smaller batches of goods. It has a significant impact on cost optimization and increasing the availability of services for various B2B clients. In this article, we will look at the characteristics of general cargo and its purpose. We will also indicate the types of cargo that companies most often transport as part of this type of transport.

Characteristics of groupage transport

Transport called general cargo is characterized by carrying loads that do not require filling the entire cargo space of the vehicle. Therefore, it is an ideal solution for companies that need to send smaller amounts of goods without having to wait for the full batch of cargo to be collected. This approach allows for more flexible and quick delivery of goods. This is especially important in industries that require quick response to market needs.

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Groupage cargo in practice

Our fleet, consisting of over 200 delivery vehicles with a capacity of up to 3.5 T of the Express type, spatial sets up to 24 T and mega semi-trailers 24 T and spatial sets up to 12 T, is perfectly adapted to the needs of transport general cargo. Each vehicle has an XL Code certificate, which ensures the safety of the transported goods. Groupage cargo is used in many industries, ranging from automotive, through electronics, to some FMCG products (Fast-Moving Consumer Goods). First of all, it is a flexible solution that allows for adaptation to the individual needs and requirements of customers, which is crucial in the dynamically changing business world.

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Activities based on groupage cargo are an essential element of modern logistics. Thanks to them, it is possible to quickly and flexibly deliver goods in smaller quantities. This translates into increased efficiency and cost reduction for both transport companies and their clients. In our company, we make every effort to ensure that our groupage transport services are synonymous with reliability, speed and ecological responsibility.