In addition to its own transport fleet, Transfer-Express has built a wide network of partners. Each carrier has been verified, which ensures the highest quality of services. Why is it worth using a forwarding company?

Here are three main reasons to consider.



An important part of road transport itself is careful and detailed planning of everything beforehand. This significantly improves order execution, eliminates potential irregularities, and increases the chance of quick success.

Please note that each international route, type of cargo and any dependencies, require different shipment conditions. Therefore, a professional forwarder is an indispensable element of the process, and prior consultation is the basis and key to success. 



Changes and unpredictability are an inherent part of the transport, freight forwarding and logistics industry. A forwarding company can be an effective tool that will eliminate the negative effects of problematic situations.

Such cooperation is part of the leverage in the service market and can have a massive impact on the future of the company. The certainty of delivery is a value for which the customer is willing to pay more.



Thriving businesses are taking advantage of the outsourcing potential. Outsourcing the company’s secondary activities brings many significant benefits for the business development and economy.

Cooperation with a forwarding company enables you to unleash human potential, which means greater capacity. This philosophy translates into servicing current orders for a given institution and generating new ones at the same time. This way, focusing on your main obligations will bring about profit.  

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