Road transport

Road transport is an overly complex and sophisticated process that requires many elements working together as one. We use our long and extensive experience to present four fundamental aspects of a professional road transport operator and the necessary business policies.

If you choose Transfer-Express, we guarantee:



The transport, freight forwarding and logistics is an industry of great diversification and variety. Each day requires you to do something different, use different tools or apply a different strategy. As such, you have to constantly develop and expand your resources.

That is why Transfer-Express has a diverse fleet of vehicles. To provide a service, we begin with a thorough cargo analysis and going through the customer’s detailed requirements. Our consultants will reliably match the optimal means of transport to the transported freight as each order is treated on an individual basis.

We also carry out the full ADR package. Specialists will give you advice, organize and carry out the road transport of dangerous goods, taking into account the highest norms and standards.

Our fleet: vans (bus), trucks (solo), standard semi-trailers, sets.  



Road transport, especially international road transport, involves parking up. Choosing an inappropriate place for your rest may lead to profoundly serious difficulties both for a smooth transport procedure and the cargo itself.

At Transfer-Express we use attended secure car parks which guarantee full cargo security and do not generate any potential risks. This is a key thing for our customers, especially when transferring high-value products.

In addition, all our vehicles are covered with a GPS, which constantly monitors the route and the current position of the driver. You can have full comfort and peace of mind about the service safety.  


On - Time Delivery

There is no denying that this is a particularly important aspect that defines a dependable transport company. Mind you, the clock in our company logo is not a coincidence as we specialize in time-sensitive deliveries. We can reach the loading site within two hours.

To meet our customers’ needs, we have implemented a special mode of operation. Double-manned trucks mean the available operation time has doubled, which guarantees on-time deliveries.  



A modern transport company must respect the environment. Transfer-Express provides a comprehensive range of transport services in harmony with nature.

To this end, we regularly upgrade our vehicle fleet to take advantage of the benefits offered by alternative fuels. Our partners also verified against environmental standards.  

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