FTL – what does it mean?

FTL – what does it mean?

In the logistics and goods transport sector, the abbreviation FTL often appears – what does it mean? This term refers to a type of transport where the transport company uses the entire cargo space of the vehicle to transport goods from one sender. In this article, we will discuss what FTL is characterized by and how it applies in the context of international road freight transport, forwarding and logistics in the B2B sector.

Characteristics: FTL – what does it mean?

FTL, i.e. Full Truck Load, is a transport method in which the entire cargo space of the vehicle is dedicated to the cargo of one customer. This is the opposite of groupage transport (LTL – Less than Truck Load), where the vehicle transports loads from many senders. This type of road transport (FTL) is often chosen by companies that want to transport large, heavy or urgent loads, where fast and direct delivery is required without additional stops or reloading.

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The use of FTL transport

In our company, which deals with the international transport of goods, we offer FTL as one of the key services. Thanks to our fleet, which includes over 200 delivery vehicles, spatial sets up to 24 tons, mega trailers 24 tons and spatial sets up to 12 tons, we are able to offer FTL transport tailored to the individual needs of our customers. Each vehicle has an XL Code certificate. An additional advantage of our services is our commitment to an ecological approach to transport, in line with the highest exhaust emission standards. FTL transport is particularly valued in industries where delivery time is crucial. This includes, for example, the automotive, construction and heavy equipment transport industries. We offer fast and safe delivery, which is crucial for the efficiency and satisfaction of our B2B customers.


FTL transport is irreplaceable when you need fast, safe and effective delivery of large batches of goods. Our company specializes in international transport of goods. We offer comprehensive FTL transport services, tailored to the specific needs and requirements of our clients. Thanks to our fleet and experience, we are able to meet the expectations of the most demanding FTL transport orders.