Cabotage – what does it mean?

Cabotage – what does it mean?

Cabotage – what kind of activity is it? This concept often appears in the context of international road transport of goods. It means carrying out transport within the territory of a country other than the one in which the transport company is registered. In this article, we will take a closer look at what exactly cabotage is and how a company specializing in international road transport, forwarding and logistics deals with the challenges associated with this type of activity.

Cabotage characteristics

Cabotage – what is it? This is primarily the possibility of providing transport services in another EU country without the need to have a registered office there. However, this activity is subject to strict regulations aimed at preventing abuses and protecting the local transport market. A company whose specialty is road transport must comply with certain time and quantity limits regarding the transport performed.

Fleet and rules of safe cabotage

Our company has a modern fleet of vehicles, perfectly adapted to the needs of cabotage. Over 200 Express delivery vehicles with a load capacity of up to 3.5 T, over 150 spatial sets up to 24 T, mega 24 T semi-trailers and spatial sets with a capacity up to 12 T – all of them have the XL Code certificate, which ensures the highest standard of cargo safety. Additionally, our vehicles meet the highest exhaust emission standards, which proves our ecological approach to business. Thanks to this, we not only ensure the safety and reliability of transport, but also protect the environment.

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Cabotage is an important element in the international freight transport industry. By complying with the regulations and having an appropriate fleet, our company ensures efficient and safe implementation of transport services under cabotage. This is key to maintaining competitiveness and providing the highest quality of services to our B2B clients in the transport and logistics sector.