Transport Poland – Germany

Transport Poland – Germany

Transport Poland – Germany is a key element in international B2B logistics. This route is not only heavily used, but also has its own unique requirements and specifics. In this article, we will take a closer look at the types of cargo that companies most often transport on this route, the key aspects to pay attention to before starting transport, and our company’s experience in this area.

The most common loads on the Poland-Germany route

Road transport between Poland and Germany covers a wide range of goods, the main ones being:

1. Industrial products: machine parts, equipment, components for car production, which is the result of strong ties in the automotive sector between both countries.

2. Consumer goods: clothing, electronics, household items.

3. Food products: including fresh and processed products that require specialized refrigerated vehicles.

Key aspects of transport on the Poland-Germany route

Preparing for transport between Poland and Germany requires taking into account several important aspects:

  • Customs regulations and documentation: ensuring that all documents are completed completely and correctly to avoid delays at the border.
  • Cargo safety requirements: compliance with regulations regarding the safe securing of loads, especially when transporting dangerous goods.
  • Knowledge of the local market: understanding the specificity of the German market, including customer preferences and expectations.

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Transport Poland – Germany in the Transfer Express edition

Our company has over 200 Express delivery vehicles with a capacity of up to 3.5 T. We can also boast of spatial sets up to 24 T, mega semi-trailers 24 T and spatial sets up to 12 T. We also have extensive experience in transporting on the Poland-Germany route. In addition, each vehicle is equipped with the XL Code certificate. As a result, we effectively ensure the safety of all transported loads. Our ecological approach and adaptation to the highest exhaust emission standards prove our professionalism and concern for the environment. With our experience in international transport, we are able to ensure not only punctuality and safety, but also flexibility and adaptation to the individual needs of customers on the Poland-Germany route.


Transporting goods between Poland and Germany is a task that requires, above all, specialist knowledge and experience. From appropriate preparation of the cargo, through understanding customs regulations, to adapting the offer to the specific needs of customers – our company provides comprehensive service at every stage of transport. Thanks to our professionalism, we offer our clients transport services at the highest level, building lasting relationships in the B2B sector.