Which international transport company is best?

Which international transport company is best?

The right international transport company is an important aspect of the success of any organization operating in the B2B sector. A professional company should meet a number of conditions to ensure safe, timely and effective transportation of goods. In this article, we will focus on discussing key aspects such as experience, logistic competences, authorizations and an extensive fleet that determine the high quality of transport services.

Logistics experience and competences

A key factor to consider when choosing a transport company is its experience in the international market. Long-term presence on the market often involves in-depth knowledge of regulations, customs procedures and the specifics of various industries. Moreover, logistics, and more specifically, logistics competences, is also important. They enable effective planning and management of the entire transport process, from loading to delivery of the cargo to its destination.

Authorizations and certificates of the transport company

A professional transport company should have appropriate authorizations and certificates that confirm its compliance with international safety and quality standards. In the case of our company, each vehicle has an XL Code certificate, confirming the safety of transport operations. In turn, compliance with the highest exhaust emission standards proves our commitment to environmental protection and ecological approach to business.

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Transport company with an extensive fleet

Fleet diversity is another aspect worth paying attention to. Our company has over 200 delivery vehicles with a capacity of up to 3.5 T of the Express type, spatial sets up to 24 T, mega semi-trailers 24 T and spatial sets up to 12 T, which allows us to tailor the means of transport to the specific requirements of the cargo.


A professional international transport company can significantly influence the efficiency and success of logistics operations. Such a company should be characterized primarily by extensive experience, logistic competences, appropriate authorizations and a diversified fleet. Our company meets all these criteria, which allows us to provide services at the highest level, in line with the expectations of our clients in the B2B sector.