International automotive transport

International automotive transport

Automotive transport, i.e. the service of transporting goods for the needs of the automotive industry, is an undertaking that we often undertake. Our company specializes in international road transport of goods in Europe. We ensure not only reliability, but also speed and safety of the entire process. Get to know our method of operation using the example of transport from Poland to Germany and discover the benefits that cooperation with Transfer Express can bring.

Transport from Poland to Germany

Cooperation with us is a guarantee of not only effective but also express delivery. Our specialty is logistics and transport within the EU. Therefore, a client from the automotive industry decided to commission us to transport car parts from Poland to Germany.

Our company perfectly understands that time is a key factor in automotive transport, which is why we always ensure punctuality. This was also the case with this implementation.

Speed and safety of transport

Thanks to the advanced fleet of vehicles and the experience of our drivers, the service for a client from the automotive sector was carried out without any problems. The car parts were delivered within the time required by the company, thanks to which our client achieved his goals.

Our employees ensure efficient delivery times and meet the specified deadlines, regardless of the distance. In addition, all vehicles are subject to service care, thanks to which the transport from Poland to Germany was efficient, trouble-free and safe.

professional automotive transport

Automotive transport in other industries

Transport for the aviation industry

It is worth knowing that we deal not only with transport for the automotive sector, but also logistics for the aviation industry. Our services include the transport of parts for companies operating in this industry.

In addition, our fleet includes specialized vehicles adapted to the transport of time- and temperature-sensitive goods, which makes our company an ideal partner for the aviation sector.

Pharmaceutical industry

In the pharmaceutical sector, safety and accuracy are crucial. Therefore, we follow all important procedures in the transport of medicines and supplements.

Our fleet is equipped with specialized temperature monitoring systems, ensuring continuous and comprehensive control of transport conditions. Thanks to this, all transported goods are safe and retain the expected properties.

Steel Industry

In the transport of the steel industry, the safety of the transported goods is particularly important. We have experience in handling heavy and dangerous transport. Our vehicles are adapted to transport the needs of this industry sector. In addition, all Transfer Express drivers are properly trained.

If you are interested in transport within Europe, we are here to help. Our offer includes fast and safe automotive transport and services for many other industries. Thanks to specialized services and a modern fleet of vehicles, we can complete even the most demanding orders. Cooperation with us is a guarantee of satisfaction and success in international logistics.