18 tonne solo – when is it worth it?

18 tonne solo – when is it worth it?

The modern business world could not function without properly composed logistics. One of the key elements of this system are vehicles intended for transporting goods. Among them, a specific category stands out – the 18 tonne solo. When is it really worth investing in this type of car?

Application of 18t solo in transport

Professional logistics also means the right choice of means of transport. The described solo is unique in many respects. Here are some of the industries where its use is most common:

1. Construction – construction materials, especially heavier ones, such as aggregates or prefabricated elements, require appropriate transport. Solo with a load capacity of 18t is able to transport these goods effectively and safely.

2. Wood industry – transport of wood, either in the form of logs or finished products, is another application for a solo truck with this capacity. However, please remember that each industry and each order is an individual case. By working with us, the client can be sure that we will adapt the means of transport to the specific nature of the order. As a company specializing in international road freight transport in Europe, we have experience in selecting the right truck for various tasks.

18t solo truck

18 tonne solo – benefits

Choosing the right car to transport goods is an important aspect of the success of the entire process. When choosing an 18 tonne solo, you can count on many benefits:

  • Increased load capacity: Thanks to the higher load capacity, transportation is more efficient, which translates into savings in time and costs.
  • Versatility: These types of solos are capable of traveling on a variety of routes, from highways to local roads.

Of course, these are just a few examples of the benefits. By working with us, you can count on having your solo tailored to your individual needs. We have provided services for many industries and we know the specifics of each of them. To sum up, the 18t solo truck is an excellent choice for many industries that need professional cargo transportation. If you want to learn more about specialized vehicles or cooperation with Transfer Express, please contact us. Call or write to us!