The best trucks up to 7.5 tons

The best trucks up to 7.5 tons

In the international road freight transport industry, the appropriate selection of vehicles is crucial. Trucks up to 7.5 tons constitute an important segment of the fleet of every transport company, enabling effective adaptation to the diverse needs of customers. In this article, we will look at the characteristics and advantages of this type of vehicles in the context of the fleet of our company, which specializes in transport, forwarding and logistics in Europe.

Advantages of trucks up to 7.5 T

Trucks up to 7-5 tons are extremely flexible in use. Thanks to their load capacity, they are able to transport a wide range of goods. At the same time, they maintain the maneuverability necessary in urban conditions or on narrow roads. Our fleet includes vehicles of this type, which are ideal for tasks focused on fast and effective road transport over shorter distances.

trucks up to 7 5 tons best

Fleet adapted to market requirements

Our fleet includes over 200 delivery vehicles with a load capacity of up to 3.5 T and spatial sets with a load capacity of up to 12 T. We also have mega 24 T trailers and spatial sets up to 24 T. Each of these vehicles meets different needs, thanks to which we can offer comprehensive transport solutions for our B2B clients. An important aspect is also the fact that each vehicle has an XL Code certificate, guaranteeing the safety of the transported cargo. In addition, our trucks meet the highest exhaust emission standards, which proves our ecological approach to transport activities. This is particularly important in the context of growing ecological awareness and environmental protection regulations.


The choice of trucks up to 7.5 tons is crucial for the efficiency and flexibility of transport services. Thanks to well-selected vehicles in our fleet, we are able to meet market expectations. As a result, we can offer our clients services at the highest level. Our vehicles, adapted to various transport needs, are a guarantee of reliability and efficiency in the transport industry.