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Refrigerated semi-trailer – application and popular dimensions

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Refrigerated semi-trailer – application and popular dimensions

Both on Polish roads and in other European countries, we can find various types of semi-trailers carrying various types of loads. To ensure safety and maintain high quality of goods, carriers use various types of trailers. One of the most popular solutions is a refrigerated semi-trailer. In this article, we will present various types of refrigerated trailers used in transport and discuss their popular dimensions.

What are refrigerated trailers in transport and what role do they play?

The transport of products requiring controlled temperature is the domain of food, pharmaceutical and other logistics. Refrigerated trailers or isothermal trailers come to the rescue here, as they enable the transportation of goods at a specific temperature.

Refrigerated trailers play an extremely important role in logistics, among others: food products, plants, and even medicines and medical equipment. They are also an important element of AOG. So let’s take a closer look at the different types of these trailers.

The most popular types of refrigerators found in road transport

There are a number of different types of the above-mentioned semi-trailers hitched to trucks. These are single-deck and double-deck solutions with a refrigeration unit.

Standard refrigerated semi-trailer

The most popular type of refrigerated trailer is the standard refrigerated trailer. It is characterized by a structure based on aluminum panels, with insulation in the form of rigid polyurethane foam or polystyrene.

The standard refrigerated trailer is characterized by an internal height of 265 cm and an internal width of 245 cm (internal length is 1,340 cm). The walls of a standard refrigerated trailer are 65 mm thick. If the walls are reinforced, the thickness is 85 mm. This type of trailer can be used to transport various loads in temperature conditions from -25°C to +25°C.

Doppelstock / Doubledeck refrigerated semi-trailer

Another type of refrigerated trailer is the Doppelstock isotherm. It has a double floor. Equipped with movable beams that can be moved and lifted, it allows you to create an additional floor. This type of trailers allows for the safe transportation of light and delicate goods that should not be stacked on top of each other.

Other types of refrigerated trailers:

two-chamber refrigerator, thanks to which it is possible to transport goods that require different temperature conditions at the same time,
flower refrigerator equipped with a wider cargo space is intended for transporting flowers and potted plants,
a refrigerated hook trailer is a semi-trailer designed for transporting meat and half-carcasses.

refrigerated semi-trailers

Popular dimensions of refrigerated trailers

Refrigerated semi-trailers stand out from the rest not only in their construction specifications, but also in their dimensions. There are many brands producing semi-trailers on the market. Depending on the specific manufacturer, dimensions may vary. However, the most common ones are:

• Load capacity: 22,000 kg
• Height: 2.65 m
• Width: 2.46 m
• Loading volume: 85 m³

To sum up, the popular refrigerated trailer plays a key role in the transport of products that need specific temperature conditions. If you need such a solution for your company, contact us!