Transport services in Europe – reliable transport

Transport services in Europe – reliable transport

Transport services are a key form of support for companies from many different industries. We specialize in efficient road transport of goods throughout Europe. Due to the rapid and trouble-free execution of orders, more and more customers choose Transfer Express services.

Professional transport for various goods

As we know, road transport is still the leading method of transporting goods today. However, finding professionals who have extensive experience in this industry may not be an easy task. Therefore, it is worth choosing a company that has completed many orders and has an extensive fleet of vehicles.

At Transfer Express, we operate professionally. First of all, we ensure efficient service provision – we make sure that the goods reach their destination on the scheduled date and in perfect condition. We have solid vehicles that enable the transportation of large-sized goods at a fast pace. Moreover, we have the necessary certificates and authorizations that prove our competences.

transport services

In which countries do we provide transport services?

The spectrum of our competences is very wide. We operate not only in Poland, but almost throughout Europe. The most popular loading countries in our offer include Austria, Italy and France.

We also cooperate with Germany, with whom we conduct many transactions. What’s more, we offer unloading in the UK. When providing our services, we make every effort to satisfy the client in both one-time and long-term cooperation.